Annuary Tips: We all have a story to share

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We all have a story to share. I’m here to tell you that you have an interesting story to share. You don’t have to write in your annuary to share it with anyone, but this could be a great motivation to get started. There are things in your life that make you unique and the process of discovering this is … Read More

New company turns to old tech to solve a contemporary problem.

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The Life & Times Annuary - Great Gift

New company turns to old tech to solve a contemporary problem.    Life & Times has created a new personal reference book: an annuary, to enable people to use pen and paper to remember their past, link them with the future. ST. LOUIS, MO – Jan. 23, 2017 – Now that we have written thousands of posts on social media, … Read More

Rhea | 1986 – Age 26

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1986 – Age 26   June 7, 1986 Jeff and I got married. October 30, 1986 We moved into our first house (in) Rock Island, IL 61201       Rhea has been enjoying writing in her annuary. She has shared with us that she has taken the approach of almost being a forensic investigator in her history to try … Read More

Baby “M” | 2016 – Age: 1

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Baby M - Annuary sample page

2016 – Age: 1 (This is a shared page from Baby “M”‘s annuary written by his mother for his first birthday. This annuary will last his whole life, unlike a baby book.) Our peanut is such a joy. He is a happy, sociable friendly boy who lights up the world with his smile. There have been so many first this … Read More

Amy | 2013 – Age: 30

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Amy - Annuary sample page

2013 – Age: 30 Feb – accepted a call to a new church in MO Mar – left south Texas; moved home for a few weeks, after Easter Apr – flew to NY to pick up Marques; we drove a UHAUL of his stuff to my parent’s house; we lived in my old room (me) & Chris’ old room (Marques) … Read More

Rhea | 2016 – Age: 55

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Rhea - Annuary sample page

2016 – Age: 55 To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a season turn, turn, turn. And a time to every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 2016 was a year of bitter / sweet. There was a great deal of change and growth. It was extremely busy and required a great deal of organizational skills to manage it all. January – … Read More

Paul | 2007 – Age: 30

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Paul - Annuary sample page

2007 – Age: 30 Sarah and I had just been married in December. We went on our honeymoon early January in San Fransico and Northern California. We stayed in the city, then went up north and stayed in a B&B. I recall there not being many places to have dinner in Elk, CA. It also snowed in Tucson that winter. … Read More

Peg | 1968 – Age 17

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1968 – Age 17 School year 1968-1969 Senior year Summer of 1968 Hanging out with Gary (…) ad driving down Rock Road when news on car radio reports that Ronnie Jones was killed in a car accident. Had a long time crush on Dale so the news was very sad. Went to wake a couple of days later – closed … Read More

Kay | 1975 – Age: 24

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Kay - Annuary sample page

1975 – Age: 24 Three years into our marriage, it must have been time to shake things up. We had lived in one 2nd floor, 1 bedroom flat at 1102 Louisville in Dogtown quite comfortably when we learned we were going to have our first baby. Time to consider a bigger home. We began the search, wanting to stay in the … Read More

Marques | 2015 – Age: 23

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Marques - Annuary sample page

2015 – Age: 23 Highlights: Graduated Grad School Last year at Camp Ozark 1st time in Los Angles Letters / Blog to home Wisdom teeth removed Joined Peace Corps Traveled to Samoa White Sox won the World Series Learned Foreign Language 2015: This was a year of a lot of change in my life. While simple, the first change was the … Read More