What others are saying:

“I have a terrible memory and an amazing life! Just ordered my Annuary and I’m very much looking forward to it!”

– Katie L.

“This is our New Year’s Day tradition! What a great idea–and a thoughtful one-of-a kind gift for friends who are getting married.”

– Tim & Jenny.

“You jot down memories for each year of your whole life. It’s awesome and fun to piece the story together.”

– Rhea C.

“Not everyone has time to journal daily but EVERYONE has those big moments they’d like to record throughout the years. Not everyone has a huge family but everyone comes from somewhere and were even if it’s not ALL biological. Check out this journal for all of those important moments and people in our lives!!”

– Bethany W.

“Keep your family history alive for generations to come. For your grandparents, your parents, your children and yourself. ❤️ This makes a great gift for those you love and the memories you love. ❤️ “

– Chelsea G.

“Obviously, I am biased about this project Brandon and Jen have undertaken, but Renee and I and everyone else that knows about it, feel that this Life and Times Annuary fills a great void, and provides an excellent vehicle for capturing our lives, and passing this information on to current and future generations! Get your Annuary NOW and begin recording and sharing your life!”

– Bob W.

“I’m not always up to date on things – what is an Annuary? Is it a January that got mangled in an accident?!”

– Patrick S.