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New company turns to old tech to solve a contemporary problem. 

Life & Times has created a new personal reference book: an annuary, to enable people to use pen and paper to remember their past, link them with the future.

ST. LOUIS, MO – Jan. 23, 2017 – Now that we have written thousands of posts on social media, and stored tens of thousands of photos in the cloud, how do we look back at our lives? Which of these will still be around in a hundred years? How can this mountain of data and information be at all useful in the future? A new company thinks it’s time to turn to old tech for the answer. Husband and wife team Jennifer and Brandon Wade have created the Life & Times Annuary – a book designed to be a diary for your years instead of your days. With just two pages allotted per year, it houses only your most important memories and has the ability to show you the long view of your life as well as be the personal reference book of your life. 

Brandon Wade has spent much of his career helping people dig through their family history to produce films helping to tell the life stories of their family elders. He noticed that it was so much easier to excavate meaningful visuals and stories from the distant past than more recent history in part because there was so much less to review. He noticed, “We are now collecting too much information for it to be useful. We have passed the information age, now we live in the editing age.” 

This striking 8.5”x11” volume includes a place for your birth certificate in the front and a death certificate in the back, something Jennifer mentions provides a certain perspective. “If this book holds the memories of your lifetime in it, won’t it be valuable to others beyond your lifetime?” 

The Wades also included a family tree that’s a little different than others you may have seen.

“We wanted to expand the definition of family so that the people closest to you were included and called out in your family history, not just those who shared an ancestor. When a neighbor or birth mother is part of your family life, isn’t it a problem when these folks get left out of our family history? Recording them in your annuary changes that,” said Jennifer.

So, maybe the way to solve this mountain of information is to actually return to something we all thought was behind us. Will pen and paper save our history for the future?

Life & Times is a St. Louis-based company whose mission is to provide low-stress tools to remember, record and preserve our life stories for ourselves and the generations to come. Their flagship product, the Life & Times Annuary, is now available for new babies through grandparents on their website at