Preservation & Presentation Services

Most of these services can be conducted in-person or over the internet.
We’d love to help any way we can.

View our DIY Archival Kit to get started preserving your own personal history.

The Audit.

Archiving your history can be a daunting task. With thousands of photos and videos on a myriad of mediums, it can be overwhelming. We might be paralyzed by options. And with no deadline or real reason (other than your own death) to get it done, it always gets put on the back burner. We totally get it. It all starts with a plan! Life & Times will first conduct an audit of your current situation. We’ll review and even help consolidate your images and films then work with you on developing a plan to archive your most valuable memories. The process is enjoyable, valuable but not always easy. We celebrate the struggle of making something worth having and passing on to future generations.

The Consultation.

There are many ways to archive your memories. From shoeboxes under the bed to temperature and humidity controlled vaults, finding the right method for preserving your current catalog is “numero uno”. We can help provide a DIY approach to this or completely take care of it for you. No job is too big or small here. The goal is setting up the steps to maintain a system for future generations to enjoy. Consultations might be reserved in the form of a one-time meeting in person, via email or phone, or even a seasonal reservation to keep you on track.

Editing is powerful.

There is talk all the time about “living in the information age,” but we at L&T think we are past that. With over 400 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE of the day and an estimated 350 Billion photos taken every year, not to mention access to just about any information you want over the internet, we believe we are past that. We believe we are now in the “editing age.” Sure you can find the name of your illness online just by typing your symptoms into the search bar, but are the results ACTUALLY a proper diagnosis? And odds are you have a handful of things you could have from anywhere between a hangnail and cancer. It is hard to tell truth from fiction online and so having the ability to edit that information is vitally important. When you are searching online for something, there are thousands of results and the best answer isn’t always on the first page. When you look at your cardboard boxes of old photos there are thousands of stories there, but the photos on top aren’t necessarily the most important memories to keep. Even the events with the most images taken may not be the most important stories to pass along. It is our job, as a society, to do the work; not just the curating but the editing of our most valuable memories. The power of what we do together is based upon you (and only you) doing the work of editing. We can aid you in the process, but they are your family, your stories and your memories. You have all the power to craft your legacy.

Digital scanning to preserve and share.

Most of us have family photos hanging on our walls. These one-of-a-kind images are more valuable than maybe we have thought about. But, if we were to lose that “gallery”, we’d be devastated and they’d be forever lost to your progeny. At Life & Time, we believe that getting a backup copy of those images is a monumental step forward in visual genealogy preservation. Also, indexing, labeling and cataloging these images is a very useful way to start leaving your legacy in a shareable way.

Once we have preserved what is right in front of us, we move on to the expanded archives, prints in albums, prints in boxes, slides, film, video, audio tapes, etc. We have the ability to archive all types of media. Also, document archiving can be a powerful medium to preserve. From, newspaper clippings to telegrams to awards to certificates, some of life’s paperwork can transform from mundane to magical. We can provide these scans on our easy-to-print and share online platform for your friends and family to view, download, print, and share.


Ever wanted to get that perfect image Grandpa in “his chair” before he is gone? Or Grandma at her sewing table? Maybe they are moving out of your childhood home and would like to have it preserved before it all moves on. We love photographing people in their environments before it isn’t that way anymore. Sometimes capturing images of memorabilia, mementos, or personal possessions can be a wonderful way to preserve a person’s character. From grandpa’s hat to grandma’s apron, or baby’s blanket, these three-dimensional elements can be archived in a way that keeps the essence without the storage space.

View our DIY Archival Kit to get started preserving your own personal history.

Ways to display your memories:

One-Time Services

The Annuary. – Starting at $39.95

The Life & Times Annuary is a minimalist-style journal for the lifespan of one person. With room in the front for your birth certificate and a space reserved in the back for your death certificate, we leave room in the middle for each year of your life within a two-page spread. That’s right, you’ll only have two pages to fill each year of your life. Write about your hometown, elementary school, your first car, first date, your wedding, having your children, and even some of the struggles you’ve had along the way. You can skip around and write as your remember. There is also an inclusive design for your family tree and let’s face it, family trees are actually messy. One section we are proud of is our “claimed family” section, which is a place to preserve people in your life that aren’t biological, like your “Aunt Sarah” who was actually your neighbor, but had a relationship with your family as if she was related to you. We all have best friends and other people that don’t make the family tree, and this section is where you get to claim them as one of your people. From there, we have a tribute section for you to preserve the memories of the ones you lose along your journey.

Our slogan is “Write to Remember” but you can add images, drawings, clippings, etc.

What serves as a helpful life reference book for you, instantly turns into something extremely valuable to your kin the moment you are gone. And built to last for at least 100 years, you can use it as a baby book, a graduation gift, to celebrate a wedding, as an anniversary gift, for a birthday or holiday gift or even to celebrate retirement!

The Cloud Share. – Starting at $99.00/year

Although we don’t recommend this for a long term solution, we do think it has its place in the lineup as an amazing vehicle to disperse your personal archive to other devices and other family member’s devices. After images and documents have been digitized, we can utilize the power of cloud storage to upload and share in a way that is secure and easy to do. However, again, we don’t recommend this as an archiving solution. We recommend Dropbox for this solution.

The Digital Drive. – Starting at $100.00

One of the quickest and easiest ways to preserve your memories is to digitize it and have it all in one place, like a USB hard drive. Using our high-end scanning system, we can scan your documents and images at a high resolution at our studio or even right in your home. With labels and nesting folders, as well as text documents to help caption each image, it is a great working system to keep moving forward. Then having multiple copies of that drive dispersed to different family units, it increases the chance of these memories making it to future generations and something you can build from. The goal of this option is to update the technology about every decade to the newest shareable device and again make copies. Check out our DIY Archival Kit.

The Custom Family Album. – Starting at $1499.95

Authoring photography books with captions is an amazing way to display a family or converging family units in a chronological way. There we can include photos, certificates, documents, telegrams, handwritten letters, photography to craft a story about the people and places that are important. We provide the scanning, layout, reviews and printing of each Family Album. Then printing multiple copies of these hardcover books is the perfect family mantelpiece to be passed to the ones you love.

The Video Biography. – Starting at $5499.95 – (includes travel to one location)

With over 15 years of crafting personal documentaries that not only serve as a tribute but as a legacy to pass on to future generations. Featuring grandparents, parents, and kids, we tie together family milestones and memories in this moment in time. Using on-location on-camera interviews of your family as well as your curated images, home movies, and the power of editing, we can produce a feature that is sure to create appreciation and legacy for your family for generations to come. There is nothing more valuable (besides living forever!) than having the smiling face and voices of the ones you love all in full HD video, edited into something watchable and all in one place, this one-of-a-kind gift is one of the most valuable ways to preserve the ones you love short of DNA cloning. (wink).

Here is just a sample clip from a video biography we produced.

Ongoing Services

The Ongoing Archive. – Starting at $199.95

Your memories just don’t stop after one meeting together. You’ll continue to generate more and more memories as we go. Reserve our services on a quarterly or annual service to come back to you and update your archive so you don’t have to think about it or keep putting it off. If you are planning an upcoming trip and want to produce something memorable, we can help guide you in making the most of your trip by striking a balance between capturing moments and being present.

You can always rent us by the day, week or month.

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