Peg | 1968 – Age 17

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1968 – Age 17

School year 1968-1969 Senior year

Summer of 1968 Hanging out with Gary (…) ad driving down Rock Road when news on car radio reports that Ronnie Jones was killed in a car accident.

Had a long time crush on Dale so the news was very sad. Went to wake a couple of days later – closed casket.

Sept. ’68 – Senior year begin and Dale and a bunch of friends pile in dad’s VW bus to go to midnight mass at College Church. Donna (…), Larry (…) Bob and Elaine

Years later we agreed that that was our first date.

Taking French now instead of Latin. (thank goodness).

Good friends are cheerleaders so enjoy watching them at the basketball and football games.

Yearbook declares that I was in trampoline club but never knew that existed.

Dale working at Baker Shoe Store and was with dad. Weekend dates start late and end in early hours.

Can’t believe mom let us get away with that. I always nice soft hands due to chicken fat!!


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