Marques | 2015 – Age: 23

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Marques - Annuary sample page

2015 – Age: 23


  • Graduated Grad School
  • Last year at Camp Ozark
  • 1st time in Los Angles
  • Letters / Blog to home
  • Wisdom teeth removed
  • Joined Peace Corps
  • Traveled to Samoa
  • White Sox won the World Series
  • Learned Foreign Language


This was a year of a lot of change in my life. While simple, the first change was the removal of my wisdom teeth. This was part of the medical clearance work that I needed to do in order to join the Peace Corps. To this day, the Peace Corps application process is one of the hardest application processes that I have ever done. It was hard because of the level of detail required by the medical portion and the slowness of bureaucracy. I don’t think I knew w/ 100% certainty that I was going to Samoa until after I graduated from school. It was a nerve-wracking time and about the only time in my life where I didn’t clearly know what the next step was.

I remember going into that last year of grad school both excited and nervous at the same time.



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