“I feel like the Annuary is the perfect gift.”

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I feel like the Annuary is the perfect gift. You can literally give it to anyone, at any stage in their life. I’ve given it to my parents who are in their 70’s, as well as to a 1-year-old for her first Birthday. I bought one for myself, to try and document my life, and one for my husband. I bought one for each of my small boys, because even by the age of 5, I feel like I already can’t remember everything like I thought I would. When they get older, I plan on giving it to them so they can continue their story. I’m really bad at keeping a diary, but the idea of jotting down a few big events throughout the year seemed much less daunting and time-consuming. It seemed doable. I’m excited that my parents are starting to use theirs too. Admittedly my mom didn’t quite get the concept at first. Once I told her that it could be passed down to children and grandchildren, she understood why this could be so important. I’m sure she would have loved to have one from her parents. My mom has started going through old pictures trying to jog her memory. She will pull one out to show me what she came across every once in a while. I believe my mom is enjoying this journey more than I think she wants to admit.

I think everyone looks for purpose in their life. Sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it’s not. I’m hoping that reflecting on my own life I can gain some perspective on where I’m at, and what I still want to accomplish some day. As a child, you forget that your parents are people. Especially that they had a life before you were born. I’m interested in what my parents have to say about that stage of their lives. Maybe someday my kids will want to know about mine.

-Sue Kerber

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