Editing your storyline for your Annuary

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Editing your story is important. We, as a society, want to know everything about where we have been, who we are connected to, and who we know. I’m looking at you, Facebook and Ancestry.com. But both of those amazingly popular services don’t capture what we are really looking for: our most valuable memories. Sure you can preserve the memory of what you had for dinner last night, or show off your most recent trip to some exotic locale, but what about the most important memories? In filmmaking, we call that the storyline. What is the storyline of your life?

According to these stats, there are 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! On average there are 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook each day! That is so much data to curate. We hear all the time about living in the “information age,” but I truly believe that we are past that. We are moving into the “editing age.” There is plenty of information about everything out there, now we just have to cull through it to find the right information we are looking for. We have tons of photos in boxes in the basement. And even more digital photos on old computers that we don’t boot-up anymore, not to mention the thousands of shots we have on our phones that have been backed up to the cloud. But there is no convenient way to access those images, especially once we have passed away. And even if we could, there are WAY too many to go through to find our story. It is always one of those “I’ll get to it later” kind of tasks – “When I retire” or “When I’m on holiday break.” We never do it. We need a system that helps bring the scope down from a box of photos to just a few that help sum up our year. That is why your “Living Years” pages are designed with one two-page spread for each year of your life. Easy to create and easy to review. Can you do more? Sure, but you may not. This you can get done with the time you have. Enjoy!