David McCullough and Ken Burns talk about digital media.

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As a historical documentary filmmaker, I have had this angst -this worry- about how I would do this job in 50 years when there aren’t letters to one another, there aren’t photographs available because they are stored on old media, or password protected (no locked) in the cloud. How do we tell your stories if we don’t know who you are? Is it going to be reduced down to your Facebook stream?
I see this as a major problem to our future society and part of the design of our company – our mission – is to provide solutions, outlets and inspiration to share your story in a medium that is hand-down-able without overwhelming us in the present.
Here are two very important people in the documenting history industry (Ken Burns and David McCullough) talking about this very problem:
The whole thing is great, but our topic is at the 57-minute mark.

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