Annuary Tips: Claim Your People

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It is time to claim our family.

Over the past few years, genealogy has been all the rage. From tv shows tracking the ancestry of famous people to membership based websites to track your own lineage, and even mail-in DNA kits, we see that people want to know all about their family tree and where they came from. We understand how this can be important, but what about the loved ones in our life that don’t make our family tree? Don’t those special people help shape us and define our journey through life?

That is what the “Claimed Family” section of your Annuary is all about: bringing in those people outside of our family and making it known that they were a valuable part of your journey.

My dad, before I was born, became part of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. It is a mentoring program that matches an adult with a child who needs extra mentoring as they grow up and through high school. Clark, my dad’s “little brother” has been part of my life and our family as long as I’ve been alive. They still see and talk to each other after 46 years of starting the program in 1971. I use quotes around the word “little” because Clark is a big dude. A former boxer and wrestler, he is now a preacher with a huge booming voice that commands a room.

Clark spoke at my wedding and has been around my whole life. Is there a place for him on my traditional family tree? Nope. Doesn’t Clark impact my journey through life? You bet he does. By including the stories of my relationship with Clark in my Annuary and passing this book down in the generations to come, I have the opportunity to claim Clark as part of my family: my uncle.

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