Baby “M” | 2016 – Age: 1

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Baby M - Annuary sample page

2016 – Age: 1

(This is a shared page from Baby “M”‘s annuary written by his mother for his first birthday. This annuary will last his whole life, unlike a baby book.)

Our peanut is such a joy. He is a happy, sociable friendly boy who lights up the world with his smile. There have been so many first this year as he turned one! The time is flying by!


Celebrating his first birthday with friends and family. He wore a onesie with checkered suspenders and a blue bow tie – he was so dapper.  He enjoyed his first taste of cake. It was a peanut butter and banana cake – two of his favorite flavors. We enjoyed giving him a pig to wheel around and run around with.

Family vacation in Michigan! Each morning we walked on the beach. Often we would run in clothes and all. So cute. He loved the water. We spent lots of time playing in the sand, running along the water’s edge, and swimming. Eating watermelon in diapers was also fun.

The pool! We visited the pool many times over the summer. He got more and more brave each time. He happily swam, walked in, and jumped in. He is a little fish!

Cousin JJ was born! The boys are together during the week and have begun forming an incredible bond. He loves hugging his cousin and can’t wait to see him each day.


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