A conversation with annuarian Rhea

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We caught-up with Rhea, an annuarian in Rock Island, IL, to talk about how she uses her Life & Times Annuary to journal her life. She really enjoys the layout of the annuary, and how even though she is used to typing on her phone or computer, she has embraced the lack of dependency on technology to leave her legacy. It took her a while for the stress of “getting it done” to subside, but now enjoys adding a bit here and a bit there, as memories come to her mind. She has benefitted from asking her parents for early childhood memories, including the house that she lived in when she was a baby. With many valuable people lost along the way, including her husband (father of her children), the tribute section of her annuary has become a source of memorializing people that are very special to her. Rhea has wonderful insight and techniques into how to “write to remember”. We hope you enjoy our time with Rhea and glean inspiration for writing in your own annuary.


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