Annuary Graduation Gift Idea

Graduation Gift Idea

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  We all know a graduate who is taking the leap out from the nest and starting to become a self-sufficient adult. This is one of life’s major milestones. For some, they might be moving out, getting ready for college in the fall. For many, they might be starting a job and becoming part of the workforce. And for others, …

Annuarian Rhea

A conversation with annuarian Rhea

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We caught-up with Rhea, an annuarian in Rock Island, IL, to talk about how she uses her Life & Times Annuary to journal her life. She really enjoys the layout of the annuary, and how even though she is used to typing on her phone or computer, she has embraced the lack of dependency on technology to leave her legacy. …

The Life & Times Annuary on Paula Sands Live

The Life & Times Annuary on Paula Sands Live

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We were fortunate to spend the afternoon on Paula Sands Live to talk about our Life & Times Annuary.

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“I feel like the Annuary is the perfect gift.”

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I feel like the Annuary is the perfect gift. You can literally give it to anyone, at any stage in their life. I’ve given it to my parents who are in their 70’s, as well as to a 1-year-old for her first Birthday. I bought one for myself, to try and document my life, and one for my husband. I …

Write about the war in your annuary.

“So, tell me about yourself.”

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You know when you meet a new person for the first time, either at a party or church or at a meeting for work, and they ask you, “So, tell me about yourself.” We all have some sort of answer. Some of us try and dodge it, like me, because I’m introverted by nature and small talk is not something …


Have an annuary but don’t know where to start?

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Do you have an annuary but don’t know where to start? We understand! Trying to start documenting your life is overwhelming, no matter who you are. But we have some tips to get you off and running without feeling stressed out. We are here. We designed this for you, with you in mind. We are sorry you feel overwhelmed. Here …


Editing your storyline for your Annuary

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Editing your story is important. We, as a society, want to know everything about where we have been, who we are connected to, and who we know. I’m looking at you, Facebook and But both of those amazingly popular services don’t capture what we are really looking for: our most valuable memories. Sure you can preserve the memory of what …


Annuary Tips: Claim Your People

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It is time to claim our family. Over the past few years, genealogy has been all the rage. From tv shows tracking the ancestry of famous people to membership based websites to track your own lineage, and even mail-in DNA kits, we see that people want to know all about their family tree and where they came from. We understand …


Press Release

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New company turns to old tech to solve a contemporary problem.  Life & Times has created a new personal reference book: an annuary, to enable people to use pen and paper to remember their past, link them with the future. ST. LOUIS, MO – Jan. 23, 2017 – Now that we have written thousands of posts on social media, and …

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How To Make Pretty Pages

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Some of you are writers, some “doodlers”, well we found one video on YouTube that we thought was interesting and a fun way to spice up your Annuary pages.